UDDTs at schools in Nyanza and Western Provinces in Kenya?


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UDDTs at schools in Nyanza and Western Provinces in Kenya?

Could Some one kindly Give me the list of the schools in Kenya stated below:

Nine schools were selected and visited in Nyanza and Western Provinces in Kenya in early 2012 in order to evaluate the performance of urine-diverting dry toilets (UDDTs)implemented between 2008 and 2010. Results indicated that benefits gained from the UDDTs were an important factor for ongoing motivation and success: the new UDDTs were in principle preferred to the old pit latrines in all the monitored schools, as they are comfortable to use, clean, not smelly and there was no risk of collapse of the toilet structure.

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Re: UDDTs at schools in Nyanza and Western Provinces in Kenya?

Dear Wambui,
Are you referring to a forum post or to a publication?
We have some publications about this former EU project in the SuSanA library. It was called the ecosan promotion project (EPP) and received some follow-up research.
You can find publications in the SuSanA library by using keywords like: Kenya ecosan EPP.

For example there was this thesis which probably contains the list you are looking for:
Pynnönen, K. (2012). Ecosan in schools: post-evaluation of the operation of urine diverting dry toilets in rural schools in Kenya - Factors affecting their sustainability.

Gosh, already 7 years go (I was involved on the sidelines with helping to do knowledge management for this project while I worked for GIZ in Eschborn)... Does anyone know how these school UDDTs are looking now, in 2019?

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