Urine to fertilize conifers

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Urine to fertilize conifers

For five months we have been applying urine under conifers.

At a rate of 1 to 5 liters per m² per year the result is excellent. I checked with Renaud De Looze (author of a book on the use of urine) and the rate is OK.

No smell, greener trees and beautiful growth.

Only for V.I. Pee :-)

This continuous application method makes it easy to recover the urine of a person with 100 m² of trees.

Web page in French : solar-dripper.com/comment-utiliser-urine-sous-les-arbres/

The benefits are > Water savings, + increased growth of trees with more CO2 absorption + protecting aquatic environments.

It costs 3 min per day.

Robert Cossette

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