Webinar 1 on biogas systems - SuSanA-SEI webinar with BMGF grantees in 2014


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Webinar 1 on biogas systems - SuSanA-SEI webinar with BMGF grantees in 2014

This is to inform you all about the first recorded internet video discussion we have carried out recently (1 July 2013). More are planned for the next few months, with other groups of grantees.

See here on the SuSanA Youtube channel:

This included 4 Gates Foundation grantees working with biogas systems. The discussion took about one hour and was recorded using Adobe Connect. Hope you find it interesting.

It provides insights into the use of iron nano-particles to significantly increase methane production (70%), a method to create self-mixing in biogas digesters again to increase efficiency (30%), the addition of algal biomass (a source of alkalinity and carbon to increase biogas productivity), and floating low-cost and flood-proof digesters for communities in the Tonle Sap Lake area in Cambodia.

The four participants (grantees) were:

Toni Sánchez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Increase of biogas production using low‐cost nano‐particles and production of sanitized compost from digested materials.
See transcript here: forum.susana.org/forum/categories/98-res...mit=12&start=12#5046

Jianmin Wang, Frontier Environmental Technology, Rolla, Missouri, USA
Biogas Generator Powered by Self‐Sustaining Mixing Mechanism: to provide fuel for daily cooking, reduce waste discharge, improve hygiene.
See transcript here: forum.susana.org/forum/categories/98-res...mit=12&start=12#5047

Temesgen Garoma, San Diego State University Foundation, San Diego, USA
Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion: A Sanitation and Energy Recovery Technology: The ModAD Process.
See transcript here: forum.susana.org/forum/categories/98-res...-university-usa#5144

Gabrielle McGill, Live & Learn Environmental Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Energy recovery & waste treatment with floating biodigesters: for human and animal waste treatment, gas production, and agricultural application in floating and flood‐affected areas.
See transript here (scrol to 26 July 2013): forum.susana.org/forum/categories/98-res...e-cambodia-llee#5171

The other four participants that you see in the webcam videos are myself as moderator, as well as Nelson Ekane, Kim Andersson and Elisabeth von Muench (we are all part of the project team to bring these grants into the open discussion forum).
Arno Rosemarin PhD
Stockholm Environment Institute
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