Application of slurry from toilet linked biogas plants for agricultural


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Re: Reply: Application of slurry from toilet linked biogas plants for agricultural

I read this article and the discussion about safe use of slurry for food production.

I wish to suggest that here the main issue is getting fuel from toilet linked bio gas plant and getting rid of any other fuel for cooking.

In comparison the slurry quantity is so small that its use will be mainly restricted in kitchen garden attached to the house and not in agriculture field so appropriate treatment can be considered at household level..

One of the solution could be to let the slurry in a small fully ventilated drying chamber fof size 3 ft x 3 ft or 4 ft x4t with a closed top having glass which will absorb solar radiation and will help kill the pathogens in few days time due to solar heat and ventilation. This dried and fully sanitized sludge powder can then be safely added as soil conditioner.

Second option coule be to let the slurry in a chamber where earth worms are provided and they will convert all wet and dry waste in to beautiful vermicompost. This can then be given to a kitchen garden.

Our main focus should be the design of bio gas plant and appropriate feed and its composition, to extract maximum bio gas and treat slurry with solar heat and ventilation and then use it as a soil conditioner which will be hundred percent safe for food production,

-- Prof.Shrikant Bhate. Architect and Social Entrepreneur. D-9, Durvankur Society I,Panchavati. Pashan. Pune 411008. R:020-2589 9527 Mobile:91-09890440648
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