"Solar C³ITIES" - for Biogas Innoventors and Practitioners


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"Solar C³ITIES" - for Biogas Innoventors and Practitioners


Solar C³ities is an international not-for-profit educational organization with the intention of providing an open-source virtual Hackspace for "Biogas Innoventors and Practitioners" and training and resources for all those researching, developing and deploying sustainable solutions for flourishing societies.

Our motto is "Yes, you can! Please DO try this at home!"

Our method is "Connecting Community Catalysts - Integrating Technologies for Industrial Ecology Solutions"

How to build a Solar C³ITIES IBC biodigester
video: vimeo.com/122292113

I guess many at the forum like their OPEN approach too :)

www.aqua-verde.de, AquaVerde Ltd. Zanzibar
"simple" Sanitation-Solutions by gravity
Low-Tech Solutions with High-Tech Effects
"Inspired by Circular Economy and Cooperation"
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