Faecal sludge powers school kitchen in Kasese, Uganda


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Faecal sludge powers school kitchen in Kasese, Uganda

Hi all,
I came across this recent video from Karambi secondary school in Kasese in western Uganda which is using biogas from a pit latrine to power the school kitchen. I found it interesting that the project was conceived and is run mainly by the students, and that it has garnered high acceptance levels from the school community. Of course it helps that it is saving the school from spending a fortune of trucks of firewood, which is the dominant fuel source for education institutions' kitchens and households in Uganda.
The project received funds from the World Wide Fund for Nature.

I think that it is good to share more of such stories to help scale up resource recovery from sanitation.
Video link:

Daniel Ddiba
Co-lead for SuSanA WG5: Productive sanitation and food security
Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute
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Re: Faecal sludge powers school kitchen in Kasese, Uganda

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for posting this.
I am on a slow internet connection at present and cannot watch videos: do you also have a link about the project that is not a video?

And are you sure it starts off with a pit latrine? Normally these biogas digesters at schools are connected to flush toilets, or at least pour flush toilets because it's easier to work with a slurry that is quite liquidy rather than the more solid content of a pit latrine (which would have to be emptied manually into the biogas digester somehow?).

Would be good if any of our Ugandan readers could provide some first-hand insights into this project if it's seen as a model project?

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
Independent consultant located in Ulm, Germany
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Re: Faecal sludge powers school kitchen in Kasese, Uganda


Excellent video. It would be great to see more technical detail on the system.

They also did not show the actual toilets, but they do not seem to be pit latrines.

Best wishes,
Chris Canaday
Conservation Biologist and EcoSan Promoter
Omaere Ethnobotanical Park
Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador, South America
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