“Delaying of Sewerage Projects is Dangerous,” or, is it?


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“Delaying of Sewerage Projects is Dangerous,” or, is it?

“Delaying Sewerage Projects is Dangerous,” or, is it?

During my long association with working in government departments, especially the line departments dealing with water and sanitation, I found that it is fairly common in the office to delay the project, processing of contractors’ bills, and the movement of files.

Delaying a project before it is yet to take off, or during execution significantly impacts the cost of the project. Just the other day, on 8 Oct, a new item in local newspaper, read:

“The cost of the Greater Karachi Sewage Treatment Project, better known as the S-III project, which is funded by the federal and provincial governments, has increased from Rs8 billion to Rs39 billion due to a delay in its completion…”

Imagine a nearly five-fold increase in the cost of project! Sewerage projects, especially when they involve components that are to be procured from other countries, are quite often delayed. In other cases, when there is, say, heavy demand of sewer pipes, the local manufacturing capacity is unable to meet the demand.

However, there are cases, where projects are purposely delayed for person gains. And, in the process, it is the government who suffers (in case of government-funded projects). This is where the common phrase coined, applies: "Delay in Dangerous."

I came across the following (it was probably in some blog), which I want to share – take this in a lighter vein!!

"Sufi legend holds that the venerable Mullah Nasruddin irked the king once too often with his trenchant wit and was condemned to die. “Sir,” he bargained, “if you spare my life for a year, I will teach your horse to fly.” Incredulous but intrigued, the king agreed. Next day, Nasruddin’s friends remonstrated, “You must be nuts—that old nag will never fly.” The sage replied: “A year is a long time. Many things could change. The king could die. I could escape. I could die. The horse could die. And maybe the damned horse will fly.”

Is delay really dangerous??!!

F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
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