SSP Journal: January 2015 - topic: Energy/heat recovery at wastewater treatment plants


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SSP Journal: January 2015 - topic: Energy/heat recovery at wastewater treatment plants

Since today Issue 22 of Sustainable Sanitation Practice (ISSN 2308-5797) on "Energy/heat recovery" is available and can be downloaded, free of charge now from

The special issue features three papers from an Austrian project researching the different aspects concerning wastewater infrastructure as part of a regional energy supply systems.

With best regards,
Guenter Langergraber
Editor SSP journal

Note by moderator:

Copied from the editorial:
The three papers published in this issue address three main topics of the project work:

1. The paper “Integration of wastewater treatment plants into regional energy supply concepts” by Kretschmer et al, presents a brief overview on the different aspects of energy consumption and production at wastewater treatment plants and some basic ideas on the approach of integrating wastewater treatment plants into regional energy supply concepts.

2. The paper “Optimisation of regional energy systems centred on wastewater treatment plants” by Kindermann and Kollmann describes the methodologies being used to detect the best economic and ecological way to distribute the available energy.
The economic optimisation of the energy system is performed by the Process Network Synthesis (PNS) and the ecological evaluation by the Sustainable Process Index (SPI). Furthermore, the article contains a description of a real life case study.

3. The paper “Realising energy potentials from wastewater by integrating spatial and energy planning” by Neugebauer and Stoeglehner, on the one hand, gives an overview on potential heating and cooling demands (consumers) in the vicinity of wastewater treatment plants. On the other hand it describes the application of integrated spatial and energy planning to
match energy demand and supply.
Dr Guenter Langergraber
Senior Scientist
Institute of Sanitary Engineering
BOKU University
Vienna, Austria

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