The Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF) - 2018 to 2022 African Development Bank (AfDB) / African Water Facility

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The Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF) - 2018 to 2022 African Development Bank (AfDB) / African Water Facility

Here is a new project that I recently added to the SuSanA project database. It could be of relevance for anyone doing urban sanitation work in Africa. It is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF)
2018 - 2022 • African Development Bank (AfDB) / African Water Facility

The Programme officially launched June 4, 2018. The size of the grant is USD 14,500,000.


To significantly mobilise the financial resources and to develop a pipeline of investment projects that will support the African countries to meet the SDG targets in urban sanitation


The project will promote the adaptation and much wider application of tested approaches as well as support fine-tuning developed business innovations leading to robust affordable and financially and environmentally sustainable sanitation services for urban inhabitants in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on the urban poor. The project will directly target 2 million urban dwellers and indirectly target another 6 million through the implementation of the prepared sub-projects. The project has 4 main components that are well aligned with the AWF 2017 – 2022 Strategy: (i) Establishment of an Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF) (ii) Investment Project Preparation: (iii) Catalytic Investments; and (iv) Investment Promotion.


The objectives are the following (i) Establishing the Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF) (ii) Develop a pipeline of Investment Projects: (iii) Promote Catalytic Investments that can attract additional funding from Private sector and other Partners and Governments; and (iv) Promoting Investment to mobilise more funding for the sector.

Research or implementation partners: AfWA, AMCOW, Speak Up Africa
Contact person: Jean Michel Ossete

Link to website of Africa Water Facility: (but I couldn't find this project there yet)

Link to SuSanA project database entry (which will hopefully be updated with more detailes in future):

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