Launch of toolbox on Financing WASH Impact


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  • Budding WASH researcher, especially interested in governance, public policy, finance, politics and social justice. Architect, Urban & Regional planner by training, Ex. C-WAS, India.I am a patient person :)
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Re: Launch of toolbox on Financing WASH Impact

Thank you for sharing this. I am interested in WASH finance and found the content to be thorough and well organised. However, the focus on enterprise is surprising to me. Agree a lot of private players are involved in service provision, it is a public good and remains with public agencies in much of the global South. Can we afford to ignore the move to Remunicipalisation of services where they were privatised for decades? 

Also curious about the sources of data used for the investor map and how one could suggest or add other investors to the map.

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  • The SSWM Toolbox is the most extensive collection of knowledge around sustainable sanitation and water management. It compiles thousands of “best of “ instruments geared to optimise sanitation and water management intervention at local level all curated in an all curated in an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive way.
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Launch of toolbox on Financing WASH Impact

Over the past year, cewas and the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at the University of Zurich have combined practical experience and academic research to shed light on how to match innovative WASH enterprises with appropriate finance. The beta version of the  Financing WASH Impact Toolbox  created by cewas and CSP with the support of Innosuisse has now been launched. The toolbox provides: Call to Action: If you have suggestions for additional impact oriented investors that we should add to the investor map , please share them here! We welcome you to dive in! Take a look under:  .  We also plan to publish a guidebook in a PDF form soon, so stay tuned for the release.
We hope this toolbox is helpful and would encourage the whole SuSanA community to help disseminate it!
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