Thematic Discussion Series: Innovations in WASH, SuSanA India Chapter

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Re: Thematic Discussion Series: Innovations in WASH, SuSanA India Chapter

Dear Nitya,

Thank you for the follow up question. While the Cambodia Water Association BSC model cannot necessarily be easily contextualised and adapted in India, I am sure there is enough scope to contextualise supply chain strengthening through existing SME-based models and by involving universities as well. These are the two other BSC models in my earlier post. Activities that have been undertaken by these BSCs and the support activities that have been provided by the project to these BSCs to foster collaborate growth are easily replicable.

To elucidate, such university-based BSCs in Cambodia offer tailored business development and business planning trainings to WASH and agriculture SMEs in three provinces, in addition to offering on-site support through field mentorship and internship programmes for near-graduates. Thus far, the two university-based BSCs namely the University of Battambang (UBB), Battambang and the Build Bright University (BBU) in Siem Reap have offered several such customised services. Such as, BSC-UBB has conducted trainings on operation management and coaching on marketing management for WASH and agriculture SMEs. Such coaching has been specifically offered on selecting marketing strategies, understanding difference between customers’ wants and needs; and determinants affecting customers’ decision. Furthermore, BSC-BBU has conducted trainings on business planning and coaching on operational management for SMEs . These have been aimed at building SMEs’ capacity on production strategies in order to improve production capacity, asset management, and inventory management.

The sanitation enterprise-based BSCs have been assisting local SMEs with preparing business plans, sales and marketing techniques, complying with government regulations, and connecting to credit options and providing advisory services on product diversification and bundling. To take advantage of pooled procurement, one of the BSC has procured an environmentally friendly brick-making machine that has helped BSC members to diversify their products and save money. These BSCs have also further expanded their scope of business to provisioning of water filters through the on-going coaching on bundling of WASH products and services provided by the project.

And, as part of the sustainability efforts, the project continues to provide training and on-going coaching to further develop the capacity of the five BSCs to deliver services that support WASH and agriculture SMEs to grow and diversify their businesses.

Sunetra Lala
WASH Sector Leader
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Cambodia
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Re: Thematic Discussion Series: Innovations in WASH, SuSanA India Chapter

Dear all,

I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read and respond to this discussion. I am preparing the synthesis document and will share if on the Forum once it is ready. In the meantime, if you would like to post additional comments, please do so and I will try to incorporate them into the document.

Warm regards
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