5th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference - Feb 2019 in Cape Town - feedback and materials

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Re: FSM5 - Tweets and Updates/ Side Meetings

Dear All,

FSM5 - AfricaSan Conferences are just a few days away!

Are you attending?

We encourage all of you to tweet during the event using the #FSM5 , tag @FSM5_Capetown and follow the twitter account @FSM5_Capetown for more updates.
We would be featuring tweets on the post conference material and publications.

Also, don't forget to check the list of side events happening during the conference https://fsm5.susana.org/en/conference/side-meetings here

on behalf of the FSM5 Committee

Shobana Srinivasan
Coordinator - Strategic Alliances
BORDA e.V Germany
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Re: 5th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference / AfricaSan - feedback

I always enjoy reading other people's feedback about a conference. This blog post by Sally Cawood is well worth a read:

FSM5 and AfricaSan5 2019: Highlights and Key Takeaways

I saw it via this tweet:
@SallyCawood, Research Fellow in Urban Sanitation, sums up her experiences from the @FSM5_Capetown and @africasan5 conferences.


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Re: FSM5 Conference Materials

Hi Everyone,

For those interested, you can now find the documentation for FSM5 ready to download!

The session presentations can be found here: fsm5.susana.org/en/downloads/conference-materials

Best regards,

- On behalf of the Secretariat

Posted by a member of the SuSanA secretariat held by the GIZ Sustainable sanitation sector program
Located at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
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