List of Dry Toilet Systems


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List of Dry Toilet Systems

Hi All,
We are working with the Water Research Commission in South Africa, to compile a global compendium of dry sanitation systems. In the context of our study dry sanitation toilets refer to "systems that collect human excrement and use a waterless conveyance system to move the waste through a treatment compartment where it is dried or desiccated". This will exclude toilets such as VIP toilets and urine diversion toilets as there is no conveyance mechanism as well as Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) systems where waste is containerized safely at the toilet and then transferred off-site for treatment.

The goal is to compile a list of systems that dry/treat waste so that it can be safely buried on site, used as soil improver or sent to landfill if necessary. Systems still in development are acceptable as well but should have at least a lab tested prototype.

Attached is the list of systems we have already compiled. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Karlin Naidoo

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Re: List of Dry Toilet Systems - Kailash EcoVillage EcoSan Model

Since your Subject included the operative 'Systems', I felt compelled to share this offering.

Kailash Ecovillage has an innovative model of ecological sanitation, also called ecosan.

In Spring 2019 Portland’s Alternative Technology Review Committee approved our proposal for a specific design of a community ecological sanitation system modeled after new state of the art  building codes. In Summer 2019 we received the actual permit through the city of Portland for a composting toilet and urine diversion system for all our living units. This has allowed us to process human excreta (pee, poo) into sanitized compost and urine. This helps us to build better topsoil and has allowed our gardens to become self sufficient in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other trace elements. While ours is a community system, Portland has also permitted systems for single family dwellings.

Urination Station Schematic is attached.

Here is a recently published research article on our system, putting our project in a world context and highlighting its simplicity, low cost, excellent performance, and ability to enhance emergency preparedness. This equitable ecosan solution is designed, like bicycles, for anyone and anywhere on the planet.

Eventually, we plan to transition all flush toilets to composting toilets. We are currently working out how this can best be accomplished. Once this is accomplished, all sewage from Kailash would be grey water.
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