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Re: The discussion forum - survey results, latest developments and discussions about the future

I am copying below from two slides from the survey report presentation to show what we concluded from the survey and member analysis and our what our plans for 2021 are:

Our reactions to the results of the survey and member analysis:

1. Set ourselves membership targets for the future (how to achieve this?):
    - increase %-age of female SuSanA members from currently 36% to 50%.
    - increase %-age of members from Global South from currently 67% to 80%.

2. Set ourselves targets with regards to who posts (how to achieve this?):
    - increase %-age of posts by females from currently 41% to around 50%.
    - increase %-age of posts by members from Global South from currently 33% to around 80%.
    - Reduce the %-age of posts by moderators from currently 28% to 20% (or allow higher values if moderators are from Global South?).

3. Conceptualise which new categories or sub-categories should be created and how they would be supported and moderated. Investigate any overlapping topics with RWSN such as water supply, hygiene, handwashing and “leaving no one behind”.

4. Investigate how to recommend SuSanA and the Discussion Forum as a knowledge management tool into institutions in Southern Africa. We will plan some pilot activities with institutions in Zambia.
Investigate social media marketing opportunities, e.g.
    - emerging tools that are being used widely by practitioners in developing countries, for example Whatsapp groups, LinkedIn.
    - a Whatsapp group, Telegram group or Slack channel to deepen the engagement of SuSanA members with the discussion forum. They might build a community feeling and be more inviting to those users who do a lot of their work from mobile phones.

5. Analyse implications, pros and cons of a password-less social media login (e.g. logging in with one’s gmail address). Such a system would likely mean decoupling SuSanA membership from discussion forum membership and would therefore require in-depth discussions before it is adopted.

Full details in the presentation here:  (it's the first presentation in the list, called "The Discussion Forum - latest developments, results from user survey and from member analysis").

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