Introduction of Maren Heuvels (BORDA, Germany)

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  • BORDA communication management and research project coordination Indonesia/Vietnam.Currently working in Southeast Asia and Germany on topics related to the enabling environment for decentralized sanitation services.
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Introduction of Maren Heuvels (BORDA, Germany)

with this first post I'd like to introduce myself here at the SuSanA Forum.
Since 2009 I'm working with the German organization BORDA.
With a background in political science and journalism I'm currently working in Germany and Southeast Asia, managing BORDAs global communication and a research project under the Australian Aid ADRA scheme. My main research interest is the enabling environment for decentralized sanitation in developing countries.
You can contact me via twitter, facebook and the BORDA website.

Maren Heuvels
Research & Communication

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association - BORDA
Fahrenheitstraße 9
28359 Bremen
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @Maren_BORDA
Facebook: borda.bremen
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Re: Introduction of Maren Heuvels (BORDA, Germany)

Dear Maren Heuvels
Nice to see you here on the SuSanA platform and after long time see your picture here since 3rd FSM Hanoi.
I am also part of our session "Is WasteWater She" in Stockholm World Water Week 2017 in which your organization is also a partner.
Hope to see you once again in the session. But since i am looking for the sponsorship for my logistic stuff.
May i ask any guidance for securing the logistic support from any organization please?
Your kind response will be appreciated and hope meet you really.
Best Regards

i am a student of Sustainable Water,Sanitation,Health and Development at Comsat Institute of Info& Technology Abbottabad KPK Pakistan.
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