WASH in Schools - looking for PhD supervisor (request from Ghana)

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WASH in Schools:

Dear all,
My name is Isaac and I have been on this platform for some time now and I have realized that there are experienced people in WASH here. I am currently working with World Vision as a WASH Officer and I will like to do a PhD programme on WASH in schools in Ghana. I am therefore looking for a supervisor to supervise my work for me. Kindly suggest someone for me. I am also looking for someone to help me restructure my objectives. My topic is below:
Topic: Assessment of water and sanitation facilities in public schools: a case study of some selected junior high schools in the upper west region, Ghana
The specific objectives are;

To conduct a baseline Water and Sanitation assessment using the following approaches:

a. Perform GPS mapping of water sources and sanitation (latrine) locations in each school.
b. Perform microbiological water quality analysis (i.e. testing for presence of E coli) on water sources used and stored by students.
c. To assess the level of awareness of teachers and students regarding the dangers and effects they face due to poor water, sanitation and hygiene conditions.

To assess the status of Water, Sanitation and Handwashing facilities in schools in terms of coverage (pupil: latrine), functionality, use, cleanliness and hygiene practices (WASH) in schools.
To estimate the effects of the availability of Water and Sanitation facilities on school performance indicators, such as attendance, repetition, push-out and completion rates.
To identify the features parents consider before enrolling their children in a particular school and
To identify the factors that promote or constrain implementation of handwashing with soap interventions in schools.

6. To develop a sustainable school Water and Sanitation implementation system.
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