What do you think of the Wikipedia article on sanitation workers? Any good? If not, can you help improve it?


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What do you think of the Wikipedia article on sanitation workers? Any good? If not, can you help improve it?

I'd like to draw your attention to the Wikipedia article on sanitation workers. This is how it looks:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanitation_worker

It gets around 60 pageviews per day which is quite low but might rise if its content is improved and if it's linked more from other articles.

What do you think of its quality? Any good? Are you itching in your fingers to improve it? If so, good! Anyone can edit Wikipedia. I can help you get started if you're unsure how.

Here is my list of improvements that I think should be made:
  1. There are probably too many bullet point lists; consider converting them to prose.
  2. We should add more content on safety aspects.
  3. Perhaps more content on country examples.
  4. The readability score is quite low. We should change the language to make it easier to understand for the general public.
  5. A higher number of sources/references would be good.
  6. I am not sure if the article is complete and comprehensive or if we have missed out important aspects? 
  7. I noticed that there are relatively few "incoming links" (159 so far). This means the article is not well embedded in the Wikipedia web yet. Perhaps more articles should link to it. You can see which articles currently link to it  here .
  8. The lead is too short; should be about 600 words and is currently only 165 words. The readability of the lead is also low and it's not a good summary of the article. 
There are two previous threads where we had discussed aspects of this in the past: This activity would fit well within this global project:  Global advocacy for the health, safety and dignity of sanitation workers , 2020 - 2023 • Initiative for Sanitation Workers (a global advocacy partnership between ILO, SNV, WHO, World Bank and WaterAid)

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