Introduction to the upcoming thematic discussion on representation and visual culture


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Introduction to the upcoming thematic discussion on representation and visual culture

Dear All, 
We are excited to start the thematic discussion on representation and equality in visual communication and we would like to use this opportunity to quickly introduce ourselves and give you a little insight into our backgrounds. The three of us are part of the group Neue deutsche Museumsmacher_innen, a group of cultural workers in and from Germany whose goal is not only to diversify the German museum landscape by bringing more diversity to the museum workforce but also advocate for an awareness of racial and gender discrimination and microaggressions as well as advocate for support and change on a policy level. The group was founded during the pandemic, and we are in the process of establishing ourselves as an organization. 

Jasmin is an exhibition maker who has worked with different institutions in Germany including the City Museum Düsseldorf and the Historical Museum Frankfurt. At the moment, she is a curator at the German Port Museum in Hamburg, that is still in development, where she is responsible for developing the exhibition and collection concept of the museum. Her work focus lies on developing exhibitions and exhibition communication strategies that include a multiplicity of voices and foster diversity within the German cultural landscape. 

Susanne is a historian and freelance curator. Her research focus lies on body politics, the history of technology and science as well as exhibition studies. Recent projects include the exhibition "Racism. The Invention of Human Races" at the German Hygiene Museum and Modell DDR‘. Performative Memory as Curatorial Practice (in: The GDR Today, 2018). She currently is part of the project “Researching Collecting” at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin and is the scientific director of the research project "Objects from Colonial Collections in Austrian Federal Museums" at the Technical Museum Vienna. 

Janice is a curator for contemporary art and a PhD candidate at Central Saint Martins in London. As a curator she has worked in the UK and in Germany, most recently she curated the exhibition Mapping the Collection at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, GER and was a curatorial assistant for an exhibition of contemporary Cuban art at the Ludwig Forum for International Art in Germany. Her research focus lies on art and politics, specifically in relation to the critique of capitalism and neoliberalism, which is also the subject of her PhD thesis. 

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas and to also look forward to hearing yours. We hope that you will participate in the discussions and please add any topics that you would like to talk about! We will be posting individually, but I wanted to make a quick post to introduce ourselves before we start the discussion! 

Thank you!
Jasmin, Susanne, Janice
Curator for contemporary
Member of the Neue Deutsche Museumsmacher_innen

[Discussion lead Representation and Visual Culture]
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