Introduction to Participate: Conferences and Advocacy


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Introduction to Participate: Conferences and Advocacy

There are many ways to get involved and advocate for better menstrual health and hygiene. One way to participate is by supporting global initiatives and international advocacy days, such as the annual Menstrual Hygiene Day (28.05). Such events and campaigns aim to raise awareness about the importance of menstrual health and hygiene and to promote access to menstrual products and education. With the power of collective action, we can work towards breaking the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation to promote better menstrual health for all. 
Global Menstrual Hygiene Day 
28th May / Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030 
WASH United 
The international Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day), initiated and led by the NGO WASH United, is the world’s largest and most relevant campaign focused on menstruation. 
The campaign aims to ensure that by 2030, no woman or girl is prevented from achieving her full potential due to her period. Organizations around the world are joining the campaign by breaking the silence and overcoming the stigma surrounding menstruation. This raises awareness about MHH and promotes greater access to menstrual products, 
sanitation facilities and education. While the major focus is on 28 May, the organization 
carries out advocacy activities throughout the year. 
The impact of MH Day 2022 was remarkable, with 225,000 contributions on social media and 14,670 articles in online news media. In total, the campaign reached 687 million people worldwide. The success of MH Day shows that there is growing recognition of the importance of MHH in achieving gender equality and sustainable development. 
Africa Menstrual Health Symposiums (2021 & 2023) 
Africa Coalition for Menstrual Health (ACMH) and UNFPA 
In May 2021 and 2023, the Africa Coalition for Menstrual Health (ACMH) and UNFPA convened an online Menstrual Health (MH) symposium. The symposium is an avenue for networking and establishing alliances to strengthen advocacy efforts towards advancing menstrual health and leaving no one behind; it also addresses the lifecycle approach and emergencies. 
International Dignified Menstruation Day / 8th December 
Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation 
December 8th is observed as International Dignified Menstruation Day as a part of the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign. It is a day to raise awareness about the challenges and discrimination faced by menstruating people and to promote access to dignified and hygienic menstrual management. 
The day aims to break the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation and advocate for menstrual equity and justice. 
Organizations and individuals around the world participate in various activities and events to mark the day and promote menstrual health and hygiene. 
Period Tax 
WASH United 
In more and more countries around the world, individuals and organizations are raising their voices to demand the reduction or elimination of unfair taxes on menstrual products. 
And more and more governments are listening and taking action. The Period Tax website provides an overview of current and past national campaigns and shares key lessons learned around the world. The goal is to support ongoing campaigns by providing information and ammunition for advocacy work, as well as to inspire further action on this issue. 

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