Introduction to Learn: Webinars and E-Learning


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Introduction to Learn: Webinars and E-Learning

The increasing variety of e-learning materials on issues related to MHH provide new opportunities for people to get invovled. Webinars and online courses enable individuals and organizations working on MHH to exchange ideas and discuss new research and developments in the field. 
Menstruation in a Global Context: Addressing Policy and Practice 
ColumbiaX @ edX 
Columbia University has released an open online course, Menstruation in a Global Context: Addressing Policy and Practice, to provide learners with a foundation on the global menstruation movement that aims to ensure that the menstrual needs of everyone, everywhere are met. 
This course reviews the menstrual health and hygiene research, programming, and policies being implemented around the world. Participants will gain knowledge and skills on approaches for MHH program design and implementation, research, monitoring and advocacy, with an emphasis on the needs of low-income and vulnerable populations around the world. The course is free and open to all on with an optional paid verified certificate program. 
Period Posse Presents: Webinar Series 
GATE Program at Columbia University 
This monthly interactive webinar series brings together experts in menstrual health and hygiene from across research, policy, and practice to discuss key emerging 
issues. You can sign up for upcoming webinars, as well as watch recordings of past ones. 
Days for Girls: Podcast 
Days for Girls International, 2021–2023 
Go behind the scenes with Days for Girls International, an award-winning NGO, as they interview thought leaders in international development who work to empower women and girls around the world. You’ll hear from experts in the fields of menstrual health, social entrepreneurship, and international development, as well as get inside stories from the women and girls impacted by our vital work to create menstrual equity for every girl, everywhere, period. 
OKY App 
Stress free periods with Oky! Oky is the world’s first period tracker app for girls and created with girls. It provides information about menstruation in fun, creative and positive ways straight into girls’ hands through the tools they use every day — mobile phones. Oky lets girls feel in control and more confident by tracking their periods, and getting the information that all girls should know. 
AFRIpads - MHH Curriculum 
The objective of the AFRIpads MHH Curriculum is to ensure the women and girls who receive an AFRIpads Menstrual Kit are also equipped with the knowledge and 
skills for maintaining a happy and healthy menstrual cycle. 
The Curriculum is designed to function as an NGO Capacity Building Tool, specially curated alongside their partner Womena, to effectively engage women and girls and create a safe space for learning and discussing menstruation. 

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