New paper on unpaid WASH work


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New paper on unpaid WASH work

Hi everyone, 

We're delighted to publish a new paper by Sue Cavill and Chelsea Huggett on unpaid work in the WASH sector. 

Much unpaid care and domestic work relates to WASH, andthose workloads increase when houshold and community services are weak, in disrepair or non-existent.
This is a gendered issue, as women are generally the onesresponsible for tasks that benefit all members of the household.
The WASH sector has invested in reducing the unpaid workburden associated with access to WASH:
- building physical infrastructure
- increasing access to WASH services
- changing hygiene-related practices and behaviours.
This has helped improve health and hygiene, saving money, time, and drudgery.
But WASH actors need to do more to shift the social expectations that unpaid care and domestic work is a woman’s

You can download the paper here:  Out of sight, out of mind? Making unpaid WASH work visible

As always, please do let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

Alice Webb
Communications and Impact Officer
The Sanitation Learning Hub at the Institute of Development Studies

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