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How to jump to a specific post

Dear SuSanA Forum users,

Here we are once more to give you tips and navigation tricks to improve your usage of this forum!

One colleague wrote us asking how to jump to a specific post when you know the post number and have the discussion thread link. At the moment the forum search engine can not search by post numbers, but a trick to jump to a post where you know the post number is to add the post number to the end of the link.

Here is an example:

One discussion thread:

And the precise post is #2396 which we add to the end of the link:

Oh by the way, the unique post number in the above example “#2396” which appears on the left hand side in the title bar of a posted post, is clickable so that you can generate a link to a specific post on a thread.

We hope that is helpful. ;)

Best regards,
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