UDDTs for sale at hardware store in Germany


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UDDTs for sale at hardware store in Germany

Today I went to the local hardware store BAUHAUS (here in Hamburg, Germany) to buy some tools and stumbled upon this setup which was prominently placed in the gardening section, next to the shop's main entrance:

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(pls click here if the image doesn't load)

It's a Separett "Villa" Urine Diversion Dry Toilet which you'll normally find with selected distributors like Wolfgang Berger's Berger-Biotechnik GmbH (where it's even cheaper and probably sold with much more expertise), but the interesting part is the exposure this model has in the hardware store and that it just looks VERY nice. On the pic, you'll also see a grey container on the left side which is their "Ejektortank 50" used to mix urine with water (1:8 ratio).

So of course I couldn't resist and asked the staff on their experiences with this system and was told that they only recently included this in their assortment of goods BUT that they had already sold 4 units so far. Given that each toilet unit costs 799 EUR in that shop (and it's a chain of stores), this is already quite a lot, imo.

Since this won't be the only market where they are selling these UDDTs, I am more than glad about this exposure and hope that it will trigger some demand on the market.

Edit: BAUHAUS is also active in Sweden (actually in 15 different EU countries), so they obviously also have this product in their assortment www.bauhaus.se/webshop/badrum/mulltoa-separett.html
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