The secrets on how to improve your septic system


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The secrets on how to improve your septic system

The secrets on how to improve your septic system

The 17 Nov 2017 Sanitation Updates post of Cor Dietvorst carries a interesting title:
The secrets on how to improve your septic system.

The details of secret to a good septic system are available at:

The secrets are:

1: Regular Pumping
2: Regular Inspection
3: Keep Accurate records
4: Reduce Water Consumption
5: Things you should avoid putting into your system:
6: Improve your septic system design:
7: Avoid poisoning your septic tank:
8: The 3 P’s:
Parking: Make sure you or those visiting your house never park on your leachfield. This can damage infrastructure or compact the soil layer and no longer allow water to percolate freely through the Soil
Planting: When planting trees, ensure that you leave space for growth to avoid future root intrusion into your leachfield.
Placing: Ensure to place roof drains, sump pumps, and other drainage systems down gradient of your septic system. This excess water interferes with the wastewater treatment process.

The US EPA at:, on How to Care for Your Septic System, list the following four key elements:
• Inspect and Pump Frequently
• Use Water Efficiently
• Properly Dispose of Waste
• Maintain Your Drainfield

The guidelines appear useful and interesting, and can improve the performance of septic tank system.

F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan

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