Benefits of water quality, sanitation, handwashing and nutritional interventions for health and child development (Kenya, Bangladesh WASH Benefits study)

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Re: Does Improved Sanitation Helps in Preventing Stunted Growth in Children?

Dear Elisabeth,

Frankly, I love findings, and the counter-findings in other papers. They enhance my knowledge.

In this case, as I said above, the findings are breaking news - to borrow words from TV!!. I respect Dr. Luby. He worked in Karachi, and produced interesting papers.

If you come across with papers, having different views, please add them to his thread.

F H Mughal

F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan
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Re: More on WASHbenefits trial

I just wanted to share a couple more papers (links below) that have been published from the WASH Benefits trials (apologies if you’ve already seen these!).

There are also two side events at the Stockholm World Water Week that will touch upon these ideas:

-Side event on WASH Benefits at WWW Stockholm.

-WaterAid-led side event panel regarding research methods and improving collaboration between govt, academics and practitioners (with: Steve Luby, Richard Carter, Khairul Islam, Sanya Tahmina, Guy Howard, Robert Dreibelbis).

[Achieving optimal technology and behavioral uptake of single and combined interventions of water, sanitation hygiene and nutrition, in an efficacy trial (WASH benefits) in rural Bangladesh.BMC Trials, July 2018. Rigorous implementation of interventions deployed at large scale in the context of an efficacy trial achieved high levels of technology and behavioral uptake in individual and combined WASH and nutrition intervention households.

WASH Benefits Bangladesh trial: management structure for achieving high coverage in an efficacy trial. BMC Trials, July 2018. The intensive intervention delivery system required for an efficacy trial differs in many respects from the system for a routine program. To implement a routine program at scale requires further research on how to optimize the supervisor-to-CHW-to-intervention household ratios, as well as other program costs without compromising program effectiveness.

WASH Benefits Bangladesh trial: system for monitoring coverage and quality in an efficacy trial. BMC Trials, July 2018. An intensive implementation fidelity monitoring and rapid response system proved beneficial for this efficacy trial. To implement a routine program at scale requires further research into an adaptation of fidelity monitoring that supports program effectiveness.
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