Learning briefs on rural sanitation in East and Southern Africa and West and Central Africa


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Learning briefs on rural sanitation in East and Southern Africa and West and Central Africa

We have recently produced two learning briefs in connection with the two regional Africa focused workshops on rural sanitation approaches we ran this year. These workshops were an opportunity to come together and share the latest experiences, innovations, challenges and research, to discuss ways forward, map knowledge gaps and network with the aim of improving capacity and knowledge in the region, and building consensus on the way forward. We at the CLTS Knowledge Hub see these events as an important stepping-stone towards the AfricaSan conference in 2019.

The first workshop held in Tanzania brought together sanitation experts from eight countries across East and Southern Africa, the second held in Senegal brought together those from 14 countries across West and Central Africa. Participants were a mix of practitioners as well as government officials and policy makers.

These learning briefs present the common challenges and barriers to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.2 that workshop participants identified across the region. They summarise discussions held across both weeks, highlighting promising practices and priority actions moving forward. They go beyond any one approach to see how best to create participatory, community-centred programming that leads to sustainable and inclusive sanitation

East and Southern Africa
English: www.communityledtotalsanitation.org/reso...nal-rural-sanitation
French: www.communityledtotalsanitation.org/reso...ustrale-et-orientale

West and Central Africa
English: www.communityledtotalsanitation.org/reso...nal-rural-sanitation
French: www.communityledtotalsanitation.org/reso...-et-du-centre-note-d
Elaine Mercer
Communications and Networking Officer
The Sanitation Learning Hub
The Institute of Development Studies

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