Picturing inclusive CLTS Photo Competition


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Picturing inclusive CLTS Photo Competition

Much recent research has shown that more efforts are needed to make sanitation and the gains and improvements we have already seen, sustainable and inclusive. As we emphasize in our recent book Sustainable Sanitation for all, it is imperative that better ways of reaching and meeting the specific needs of the poor, the marginalised and less able are found and made central to programming.

We are looking for photographs that show examples of inclusive CLTS, highlight good practice, depict innovative programming and emphasize the need to ‘reach the one in everyone’.

We invite submission of photos that
  • show an activity that aims at making CLTS inclusive
  • feature an adaptation to a programme, either in terms of processes or infrastuctures that make sanitation inclusive and meet the needs of a specific (normally excluded) group of people
  • tell a story about how challenges around equity and inclusion have been addressed as part of CLTS,
  • illustrate the plight and a corresponding solution of one of the groups of people which often faces exclusion or difficulty in accessing
  • depict a monitoring or verification activity that tracks the inclusiveness of sanitation

The winning entries will be published in a special feature on the CLTS website. Both winning and non-winning photos will be used in publications such as our Frontiers of CLTS series and/or Learning Briefs/Learning Papers, as well as on the website, with full credit to the photographer, so by submitting an image you are giving us permission to use the photo in this way.

More information on how to enter the competition is available here www.communityledtotalsanitation.org/stor...ts-photo-competition
Petra Bongartz
independent consultant

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