Access to toilets for women sanitation workers


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Re: Access to toilets for women sanitation workers

Hi Paresh,

I was doing a random search and just came across your post here. Yes this is something very much on my mind and something I am keen to dig deeper on. In a paper I wrote with Sally Cawood, Mariam Zaqout and Barbara Evans, we touch on this exact issue:

Frontiers | Sanitation work: Realizing equity and inclusion in WASH (  

It's absolutely vital for issues like MHM and incontinence- which just doesn't get any where near enough attention as it should in general, let alone for sanitation workers, who remain overlooked in 'inclusion' discourses. 

There were also reports we found that sanitation workers overall are being denied access to household toilets through the SBM. Quite astounding.

Whilst we were doing the work on this paper, I came across this by chance:

Bloody inconvenience: Menstrual health in waste worker communities - Arise (  

I'd be interested in discussing more with you as there are many gaps I'm identifying as I go deeper in trying to understand inclusion for sanitation workers.

Best wishes,
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Access to toilets for women sanitation workers

Dear All,
Sharing a  piece  from India. 

The women sanitation workers in Panaji, the capital of Goa do not themselves have access to toilets. Since public toilets are also not nearby, the workers prefer not to drink water (which lead to other medical conditions). When it can't be avoided the officers themselves ask them to relive behind a tree.
The author highlights two criteria that lead to this exclusion  – gender and caste by asking if men or officials at higher position would be asked to do the same.

Please share work that highlights how women sanitation workers access sanitation and the quality of facilities (if any). 

Paresh Chhajed-Picha
Researcher at Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India
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