There is now a Wikipedia article about SDG6 (Sustainable Development Goal 6) which mentions SuSanA


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There is now a Wikipedia article about SDG6 (Sustainable Development Goal 6) which mentions SuSanA

Dear all,

We now have a Wikipedia article about SDG6 (Sustainable Development Goal 6) which mentions SuSanA! See here:

It was created mainly by Diane and myself as part of our intense Sanitation Wikipedia project drive ahead of World Toilet Day (Diane had spoken about it here: )

SDG6 is the only SDG so far with its own Wikipedia article! We can be proud of this achievement. Let's see if people focusing on the other SDGs will follow suit and also create articles for "their" SDGs.

The Wikipedia article about all SDGs is available here:
It gets about 4000 views per day which is a fair bit! (see:

It would be great if YOU could now help to make both articles better, particularly the new one on SDG6. There are three options for you to help:

You could add new content (with references). Basically anything that talks about the importance of SDG6, the challenges, the financing, the connections with other SDGs - thinks like that.

You could help improve the readability. For that, you don't need to be a topic expert! I recommend using this awesome website which is called the Hemmingway App:
All you need to do is to copy the text that you want to improve into the middle of the page (replacing the dummy text that is there). The website then immediately shows you with different colours which sentences or which words are difficult to read/understand. I use it a lot so that I know immediately which sentences to focus on when I want to improve the readability of a piece of text.

(3) You could put suggestions here into this thread (or onto the talk page of the Wikipedia article: to say what is still missing or what needs to be improved.

I know that both articles are far from being perfect at this stage. So I would really value your inputs to improve them.

Oh and here is how SuSanA is mentioned so far:

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) works on sanitation issues as a global network of 9000 individuals and 300 partner organizations. Global organizations such as Oxfam, UNICEF, WaterAid and many small NGOs as well as universities, research centres, private enterprises, government-owned entities etc. are all part of SuSanA and are dedicated to achieving SDG6.[11][12]

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
Freelance consultant on environmental and climate projects
Located in Ulm, Germany
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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