CSE-Online Course on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19


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CSE-Online Course on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19

Over the past decade CSE – A Global Think Tank has done extensive research, advocacy, and capacity building of state and non-state practitioners highlighting urban water and sanitation realities, their links with public health, and the need to fix these issues. In this endeavor, the School of Water and Waste, AAETI, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), is organizing 4 weeks online course on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19.

This online course will build the capacities to understand the linkages between Safe Water, Sanitation and Health during and post COVID-19, various internationally proven tools and approaches such as water and sanitation safety planning, SaniPath, Shit flow diagram, City Wide Inclusive Sanitation, City Sanitation Plan etc, highlighting the integration of the health sector to water services & sanitation and various enabling factors for effective WASH services.

This online course aims to create change-agents who will have basic understanding about the concepts and principles of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in order to ensure safe water and efficient management of sanitation services.

1. Linkage between water, sanitation and health: Current and future challenges· 
2. Enabling environment for improved water and sanitation for all
3. Tools and approaches for better water and sanitation planning and progress
4.  Water and sanitation safety planning: Risk based approach to protect public health

Register here:  docs.google.com/forms/d/1u0BWhQ77UQKPCc6.../edit?urp=gmail_link
Last Date to register: 21st October, 2020 

For more information visit here:  www.cseindia.org/online-training-program...ime-monitoring-10252

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