Cloth Media Filtration for Wastewater Treatment


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Cloth Media Filtration for Wastewater Treatment

Cloth Media Filtration for Wastewater Treatment

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. has designed Cloth Media Filter with OptiFiber, a cloth media disk configuration as an alternative to conventional granular media filtration technologies.

Treatment is accomplished in three simple phases with use of the exclusive OptiFiber cloth media, reducing phosphorus and capable of producing reuse quality effluent.

Filter Mode - Inlet wastewater enters the tank or basin, completely submerging the cloth media. By gravity, liquid passes through the cloth media. As solids accumulate on and within the media, a mat is formed and the liquid level in the tank or basin increases. The filtered liquid enters the internal portion of the disk where it is directed to final discharge through the center shaft.

Backwash Mode - At a predetermined level or time, the backwash cycle will be initiated. Solids are backwashed from the surface by liquid suction from both sides of each disk. During backwash, disks are cleaned in multiples of two, unless a single disk unit is utilized. Disks rotate slowly, allowing each segment to be cleaned. Backwash water is directed to the headworks. Filtration is not interrupted during this cycle.

Solids Wasting Mode - The filtration process requires no moving parts. Heavier solids are allowed to settle to the bottom portion of the filter tank. These solids are then pumped on an intermittent basis back to the headworks, digester or other solids collection area of the treatment plant.

The details are given at the following link, and include a short interesting video:

The unit can be used for primary filtration, municipal recycle and reuse, and phosphorus removal.

The unit appears to be suitable for developed countries and, for establishments in developing world.

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