Calling all toilets, who is all out there?


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Re: NYT critique - Article in New York Times: Bill Gates Can’t Build a Toilet

Hi there: please have a look at my UDT toilet design attached and see what you think. I am currently having 3D designs done and looking to get this to the prototype stage.

best regards

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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Thanks Elisabeth for these bench images!

As could be expected, there are always more toilets and ideas that we missed. We think this forum is a great place to keep highlighting toilet concepts, and we can periodically update the Encyclopoodia to incorporate them. For example, @Mona just told us about Ecoloove , a rickshaw-toilet concept in Bangladesh.


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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Thanks Kory, for the report that you posted, it looks really excellent! Incredible how many toilet and urinal designs are out there, you must have really searched the internet with a fine comb! I wonder how many of the designs are really produced and sold and how many just exist on the computer screen..

One bench toilet design from your report, which I hadn't seen before, also caught my attention today while looking at the "bench blog", whose author contacted SuSanA via our photos on flickr:

I think any industrial designers looking at the photos from your report or from this bench blog will quite enjoy them. E.g. this is pretty and fancy, and tucks away nicely:

And the blog also includes the beautiful toilets from our colleagues Rotaria in Peru - which are not so dissimilar from the design by Villeroy & Boch above in terms of blending into the bathroom nicely:

File Attachment:

Rotaria Bench Style UDDT by Sustainable sanitation , on Flickr

Happy World Toilet Day!

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
Freelance consultant on environmental and climate projects
Located in Ulm, Germany
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
My Wikipedia user profile:
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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

That is a nice idea, Andrew. I would suggest that since 19 Nov is near, it would be helpful if, the founder, Jack, gives his thoughts on how he feels the world has progressed on the toilet issue, since the time, he first started the movement.

F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan
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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Great idea, Andrew. Pls note that a similar list also already exists (dunno how updated it is atm).

We also once had the idea to come up with a map ( ), but most info we have lacks geo data except for a country or city name.
Juergen Eichholz
watsan eng.
water, sanitation, IT & knowledge management

Toilets in Frankfurt/Main
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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Andrew, great project and I'm enjoying your Sanivation website, especially the solar technology to reduce pathogens. It's stated urine should be diverted, yet others believe in a single, ahem, stream, mixing urine with feces as with the Sun-Mar systems. Please share your rationale for why urine should be diverted. Thanks for your inspiring work!
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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Hi Mona,
This is a great idea to have a catalog. While we don't a have a comprehensive catalog, during our design process, we pulled together images and information on dozens of toilets to get inspiration on ergonomics, aesthetics, function, environment, technology, all the details that go into a toilet that you might otherwise never notice. Then, we decided this document could be useful, inspiring, or enjoyable for others too, so we’re sharing it (The Encyclopoodia - A compendium of toilets (Nov. 2013)). We hope you enjoy it!

*Short Disclaimer*- the information in this document was garnered from publicly available material on the internet. All efforts were made to give proper attribution and ensure accuracy, and we apologize for any errors and omissions.

All the best
Kory C. Russel
Assistant Professor | Landscape Architecture | Environmental Studies
College of Design | College of Arts and Sciences
University of Oregon

Chair of Container-Based Sanitation Alliance
on Twitter @korycrussel

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Re: Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Many thanks Andrew,
I think it's a great idea. I just added the MoSan toilet to the Google doc, which I just piloted together with Sanivation in Naivasha in Kenya. There are many innovative toilets and sanitation solutions around the world. It would be great to connect designers and engineers, share knowledge and experiences. Also for stakeholders it would be helpful to have something like a catalog to compare solutions to find the most suitable one for the setting and situation where it is needed.

Good luck and all the best,

MoSan - Mobile Sanitation
MoSan - Mobile Sanitation
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Calling all toilets, who is all out there?

Lots of you are doing great work when it comes to toilets. However there is no central database to see who is doing what, where people are working, how we as a community may be able to help with your current goals and needs.

I put together a simple googledoc for everyone to edit and share in order for us as a community to help and learn from each other.

If you are working on toilets or toilet design, please take 2 minutes to fill out the google doc below. This will help us a community identify who is out there, possible linkages between groups, and to help us as a sanitation community make more progress.

Sometime in the future it would be great to start to understand where there may be gaps where current technologies aren't addressing or maybe how two technologies could be combined, the possibilities are endless!

Google doc:

Please share and encourage others to post!

Sanitation for all!
Andrew Foote
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