Envirosan : Schools Sanitation Solutions to replace Chemical Toilets.


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  • Envirosan is a service-orientated company that builds ethical business relationships based on mutual trust and top quality services. This is made possible through collaboration with market leading equipment and partners who share our vision. Envirosan’s core business was established in 2006 to provide a range of dignified sanitation solutions.
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Envirosan : Schools Sanitation Solutions to replace Chemical Toilets.

Dear Fellow Sanitation Stakeholders  In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, coupled with the numerous recentrequests / tenders for the supply andservicing of Chemical / Foot Flushing toiletfacilities to Schools and community centres, we were astonished at the exorbitant costs involved with purchasing andmaintaining these Chemical / Foot Flushingtoilets, and therefor Envirosan wishes to highlight how our AgrementApproved sanitation systems significantly improve the Dignity provided to the School Pupils / Community, whilst providing a sustainable and significant cost saving to the Municipality, School or Departmentalinstitution.  Costingof Chemical Toilet Facilities to Schools are calculated as follows. ·       Rental= R1500.00 per Month·       Servicing@R520.00 per week = R2080.00 per month·       DeliveryCost = R350.00 each ·       TotalCost per year per toilet facility = R43 310.00 per Toilet per Year  
The investigation shows thatthe type of Chemical Toilets that have been delivered to schools to be typical
“bucket” type toilets, which proves to be undignified and completely
  EnvirosanSanitation Solutions has two available models which can very effectively
replace these unhygienic and undignified chemical toilet systems currently in
use. Model1: Eaziflush Sanitation Solution (where a water source is available):Alow water volume flushing toilet facility R17 500.00 ex VATper toilet (based on the design indicated) All items included as per the
design, includes water tanks, connections, structures, Septic Tanks and Soak
away. Model2: Dry Sanitation Solution (where a water source is NOT available):Drytoilet facility at R14 000.00 ex VAT per toilet (based onthe design indicated) All items included as per the design, includes water
tanks (to be filled by water tanker and used for washing hands / drinking),
connections, structures, Septic Tanks and Soak away.  CostComparison between Chemical Toilets and the Envirosan Options are as follows; 
Chemical Toilet Costs
Envirosan Eaziflush
Envirosan Dry Toilet
Rental @ R1500/month = R18 000/yearPurchase Cost = R17 500/once offPurchase Cost = R14 000/once off
Servicing @R2080/month = R24 960/yearServicing = R2 000/ every 2nd yearServicing = R2 000/ every 3rd year
Delivery @ R350/once off = R350/yearDelivery = IncludedDelivery = Included
Total Cost (3 year design) = R129 230,00Total Cost (3 year design) = R20 500,00Total Cost (3 year design) = R16 000,00
 Wehave taken the liberty of forwarding you some more information to highlight how
Envirosan’s revolutionary new toilet, the EaziFlush™, is making sanitation more
sustainable, affordable and dignified for ALL stakeholders. The information
provided serves as a reminder of how the EaziFlush™ provides a Dignified &
Sustainable Sanitation Solution that positively influences people’s lives. TheEaziFlush™ is designed to replace Pit Toilets at no additional cost!  Justsome of the advantages over a VIP / UDDT system are as follows; 1.    Looksand operates similar to conventional flushing toilets BUT uses only 2 litres of
grey water to flush, representing a potable water saving of in excess of 200
litres per household per day!;2.    Usersdon’t see the contents of the pit due to its offset nature & therefor can’t
use the toilet for solid waste disposal, effectively lengthening the lifespan
of the pit and minimising emptying costs;3.    SAFEtoilet – no risk of children falling into the pit as the pit is not under the
toilet structure, meaning the chance of collapse during rainy seasons is also
negated;4.    Communitiesprefer the EaziFlush™ to Dry Sanitation as the unit can be constructed closer
to the household and is hygienic
(The water seal effectively eliminates fly breeding & unpleasant odours);5.    TheEaziFlush™ Pedestal is Agrement and NHBRC certified and on these grounds has
been approved for use in housing projects by the Department of Human
Settlement’s;6.    Upgradeability!The EaziFlush™ can be upgraded from pour flush to low flush with the addition
of a cistern. Once sewage & water connections are available7.    TheEaziFlush™ is compatible with a multitude of “back-end options” including
Standard Sewer Connection, Solids Free Sewers, Septic Tanks, Bio-Digesters
& Conservancy Tanks etc. Thenext video link below (2 minute video) specifically highlights Envirosan’s
involvement in the project and commitment to sustainable sanitation
 As a major player within the Sanitation Industryfor the past 12 years, Envirosan™ remains committed to supplying Sanitation
Solutions that not only meet but also exceed the needs of all stakeholders –
communities, municipalities and parastatal departments alike. We look forward
to partnering with yourselves to establish anew Benchmark of Dignified and Sustainable Sanitation, because quite frankly,
the people of South Africa deserve better!
 Please feel free to visit our website at www.envirosan.co.za , or kindly contact usand we will gladly provide you with any additional information / data you may
Envirosan Sanitation Solutions are committed to assist Government toflatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic!
Kind regards
Boniwe Majwede
Internal Sales and Marketing Coordinator
(L) 031 700 1866|(F) 031 700 1867| This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Unit 3, 7 Umdoni Crescent,Mahogany Ridge,3610

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