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Free Period Documentary Screening

Free screening of PANDORA'S BOX!

We are excited to host an online screening of the film “Pandora’s Box” sponsored by The Case For Her and Diva Cares.

Starting 17th May 6 pm CET the film will be viewable for 24 hours for free.

18th May  5:30 pm CET by a 30 min panel discussio
n with Cristina Ljundberg (The Case for Her & Influence Film), Marni Sommers (Columbia University) and Carinne Chambers-Sainni (Diva International & Diva Cares) moderated by Ina Jurga (WASH United/ MH Day). So please be sure to plan on starting your viewing by 15:30 CEST/9:30 EST on the 18th if you want to join the panel.

Register here:  

The 75 minute documentary Pandora’s Box unmasks the global menstrual inequity, pulling back the veil on centuries of mistreatment. Here we  witness the unforgettable stories of girls in Africa, India, and beyond, who lack education and access to period products. From Maasai villages, to Mumbai and on to London, we meet young women who are forced to stay  at home from school, or even drop out, merely because they don’t have  access to, nor can they afford, menstrual supplies. We also meet women  who were once incarcerated in the U.S. prison system, talking about  their struggles to menstruate safely while deprived of system, talking  about their struggles to menstruate safely while deprived of basic human hygiene.
The documentary also captures the commentary of heroes, innovators, activists and thought leaders. We watch them battle the stigma of
menstruation with their mission to educate and change minds and cultural biases.

Want to know more about the film? Watch the trailer or access the website.
International Coordinator Menstrual Hygiene Day
WASH United
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