Menstruation Shaming - example from rural India


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Menstruation Shaming

Menstruation Shaming

At times, the negative attitudes and beliefs create great discomfort. It is known that menstruation in women and girls is a natural process. This is an acceptable fact, and all educated people needs to respect this.

It become highly irritating when a girl is taunted for this natural process, often driving girls to take extreme steps. This is what happened, when a 12-year-old schoolgirl from southern India killed herself after a teacher allegedly humiliated her over a blood stain from menstruation (

In a suicide note, she accused the teacher of "torturing" her. Although the girl did not mention period shaming in her letter, the mother says her daughter was asked to leave the class because of the stain. Menstruation is taboo in parts of rural India. Women are traditionally believed to be impure during their periods.

There are some powerful NGOs in India. They are in a position to create awareness in this regard.

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