Ecological sanitation for the base of the pyramid - Closing the loop between sanitation and agriculture, using lactic fermentation (WAND Foundation, the Philippines)


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Re: SaniFert

Hi Elmer, we’re very interested in your ideas and progress on this, as it is certainly needed and we are also looking at this problem. It will be great to have clear guidance on appropriate processes that can be applied in many contexts, as well as to different treatments eg composting/alkaline/biodigested approaches.
Rob Hughes,
WASH Manager,
Live & Learn Environmental Education
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SaniFert (Philippines)

By mixing lactic acid bacteria, indigenous micro-organisms, charcoal, sawdust, rice hull, banana peel, feces and urine and other organic materials, I am trying to develop high-grade, sanitary, organic fertilizer much superior to other formulations and at the same time providing market to feces and urine. I observed that most dry toilet proponents are at a loss what to do with the collected human waste, ending-up polluting the environment instead of closing the loop between sanitation and food production….
Elmer Sayre
Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Fdn.
Libertad, Misamis Oriental
9021 Philippines
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