Accessible toilets for people with disabilities (Pakistan)


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Accessible toilets for people with disabilities (Pakistan)

The affected environment around and the water concern pollution that causes several kinds of illness, reveled the need of establishment of the Pakistan Water Forum ® To keep disadvantaged people healthy and wellbeing a public forum get formed by the direct involvement and the participation of the community members among the Water and Sanitation Hygiene concerned professionals, to get firsthand knowledge and the proper solution of their problems.
In this way the ideas and planning been practiced in nice manners, around the clock working, determination and the best coordinating participation of the public friends assured the successes and achievements of the preplanned objectives. The main educational and development targets have been perfectly achieved through the educational material provisions of the WET International (Water Education for Teachers) and the financial support of the TiKA (Turkish Corporation and Coordination Agency) that help to construct 50 accessible toilets for the persons with disability in first phase, while the construction of the 50 more toilets is in wide expectation, according plain and vision we are looking forward to reach out 1000’s of the people with disability as well other disadvantaged people those are facing water concern hardships and syndromes.

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