Focus on Disability Inclusive Latrines Aren't All About Tech

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Focus on Disability Inclusive Latrines Aren't All About Tech

Dear all

Just before we release the Sept- Oct 2014 edition of the Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene in a few hours, I kindly wish to draw your attention an issue on sanitation research done by the international NGO WaterAid and presented during the just concluded “World Water Week” in Stockholm.

We have been able to highlight the summary of the presentation in our comment page in the publication and entitled ‘Focus on Disability Inclusive Latrines Aren’t All About Tech’ by Sue Coe an international development expert with over 25 years of experience and a disability inclusion expert.

I hope that once we get a full report on this research, at least a link maybe inserted to find out where this forum fits in.

This is a massive issue and I kindly invite all those experts knowledgeable on this matter to come forth and present an insight on this subject for the benefit of everyone.

Kind regards and welcome


Am the publisher of the Africa Water,Sanitation & Hygiene and the C.E.O. of Transworld Publishers Ltd.,Nairobi-Kenya.
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Re: Focus on Disability Inclusive Latrines Aren't All About Tech

Somewhat related video from WaterAid-Uganda:

I also recommend these two documents I recently shared on our website:

Microbiologist & emergency WASH specialist
WASH news aggregator at:
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