Ableism a new lens to analyse footprint hierarchies

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Ableism a new lens to analyse footprint hierarchies

Hi everybody,

here is a paper that employs the ableism lens to analyse hierarchies in footprints.
Sanitation advancement are also linked to the sentiment around what we see as waste of water and with that its also linked to sentiment of water footprint and its competition for attention with other footprints carbon for example.

The link below where the below is unfortunately linked to the whole issue, there is no link to just my article one would have to scroll to it.

Wolbring, Gregor; Leopatra, Verlyn and Noga Jacqueline (2012) The sentiment of waste and the measure of footprints evaluated through an ableism lens in Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics EJAIB Vol. 22 (3) page 117- 123

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