A Bibliography of Systematic Reviews on WASH-related Issues


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A Bibliography of Systematic Reviews on WASH-related Issues

Dear Colleagues:

As a personal project that I hope will be useful, I am curating a bibliography on systematic reviews on a range of WASH issues. The goal of a systematicreview is to provide a summary of the best available evidence on a specific topic, which can be used to inform clinical practice, policy-making, and further research. They are often considered the highest level of evidence in the hierarchy of evidence-based practice. Links to each of the studies below are in the bibliography. Please let me know if this is useful or if you havesuggestions to make the bibliography more useful

Bibliography  docs.google.com/document/d/1RCzyUyah9UwT...TQbWBKwL6E1x72Q/edit  

April 2023 Issue
  • Effects and significance of groundwater for vegetation: Asystematic review. Sci Total Environ. 2023 Jun 1;875:162577. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.162577. Epub 2023 Mar 9.
  • Impact on childhood mortality of interventions to improvedrinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) to households: Systematic review and meta-analysis. PLoS Med. 2023 Apr 20;20(4):e1004215. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1004215. eCollection 2023 
  • What are the barriers and facilitators to communityhandwashing with water and soap? A systematic review. PLOS Glob Public Health. 2023 Apr 19;3(4):e0001720. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgph.0001720. eCollection 2023.
  • Effects of water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions ondetection of enteropathogens and host-specific faecal markers in the environment: a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis. Lancet Planet Health. 2023 Mar;7(3):e197-e208. doi: 10.1016/S2542-5196(23)00028-1.
  • Drinking water and the implications for gender equity andempowerment: A systematic review of qualitative and quantitative evidence. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, Volume 247, January 2023, 114044
  • Medical Household Waste as a Potential Environmental Hazard:An Ecological and Epidemiological Approach. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Apr 3;20(7):5366. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20075366.
  • Spatial and temporal distribution of Taenia solium and itsrisk factors in Uganda. Int J Infect Dis. 2023 Apr;129:274-284. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2023.02.001. Epub 2023 Feb 16.
  • Prevalence and Risk Factors of Soil-Transmitted HelminthicInfections in the Pediatric Population in India: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. J Lab Physicians. eCollection 2023 Mar.
  • A systematic review of frequency and geographic distributionof water-borne parasites in the Middle East and North Africa. EasternMediterranean Health Journal, 29 (‎2)‎, 151 - 161.
Bibliography docs.google.com/document/d/1RCzyUyah9UwT...TQbWBKwL6E1x72Q/edit  
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