New publication on Learning From and Preventing Failure in WASH


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New publication on Learning From and Preventing Failure in WASH

Hello everyone,

We are very excited to announce that today we're launching a new publication, a Frontiers of Sanitation, published by the Sanitation Learning Hub at the Institute for Development Studies:
Learning From and Preventing Failure in WASH

This is the culmination of the work we've been doing over the past five years, bringing together what we've learnt from two research projects, one working with front line WASH staff and the other WASH donors, guest editing the journal Special Collection on Learning from Failure in Environmental and Public Health Research , hosting gameshows in person and online, facilitating discussions, developing and distributing The Nakuru Accord and advocating for a sector where discussing what goes wrong becomes the norm.

The publication is a practical one - we hope it can provide insights to WASH practitioners, funders, researchers and policy makers on:
  • The most common causes of WASH failures
  • How we can prevent WASH failures (!!)
  • How we can talk about failures within our projects, workplaces and the sector more broadly
Please share the publication onwards and, of course, encourage your colleagues to sign The Nakuru Accord !

Thanks for your support over the past few years. If you haven't checked it out already, you can find everything we've done/developed on our website, Water.Women.World , which also includes an "Allies Talk Shit" section, where we share the work of others who are sharing and talking about failures - please feel free to get in touch any time with suggestions of links to add.

Have a great day and we hope to see you all somewhere, sometime soon!
Dani Barrington, Rebecca Sindall and Esther Shaylor
Esther Shaylor
Innovation specialist - WASH and Education
UNICEF Supply Division

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