New issue of Sandec News now available! (Sandec's current research on water, sanitation and solid waste)


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New issue of Sandec News now available! (Sandec's current research on water, sanitation and solid waste)

Would you like to learn more about Sandec's current research on water, sanitation and solid waste? Sandec News No 16 is now available and can be downloaded at:

Sandec News No 16 - Table of Contents

Municipal Solid Waste Management
Page 4 Selecting Appropriate Organic Waste Treatment Options in the Philippines
A report on the testing and ongoing development of an organic waste
management decision support tool.

Page 6 Improving the Energy Efficiency of the HTC Process and Reactor
An article on HTC reactor experiments on optimizing the conversion of organic
bio mass into hydrochar fuel.

Page 7 Urban Organic Waste Treatment – Evaluation of Systems in Kampala, Uganda
A summary of research on the environmental efficiency of organic waste
treatment technologies.

Excreta and Wastewater Management
Page 8 Increasing Treatment Plant Capacity by Conditioning Faecal Sludge
Research on how conditioning faecal sludge could improve treatment plant capacity.

Page 9 Portable Urine Diversion Toilet for Disaster Relief and Emergencies
An article about the development of a portable urine diversion toilet after
the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Page 10 Production of Pellets and Electricity from Faecal Sludge
Research on the development of faecal sludge treatment endproducts that could
be marketed for revenue and to offset treatment costs.

Page 12 Private Public Partnership Solutions for Faecal Sludge Management
An analysis of the advantages offered by private public partnerships in
the sanitation sector.

Page 14 Local Factors Influence FS Characteristics: Research in Hanoi, Vietnam
A report on developing FS characterisation methods that would assist in
the design of FS treatment technologies.

Strategic Environmental Sanitation Planning
Page 16 Reflecting on a Decade of Evolution in Urban Sanitation Planning
A summary of the changes that have taken place in the field of urban
sanitation planning over the last ten years.

Page 17 MOOCs – Reaching Students and Practitioners Worldwide
A review of the “WASH in Developing Countries” MOOC Series produced by Sandec.

Page 18 Estimating Wastewater Quantity and Characteristics at the Village-level
A summary of the work accomplished by the Egyptian-Swiss Research on
Innovations in Sustainable Sanitation Project over the last five years.

Page 20 Towards Reliable Cost Estimates of Sanitation Infrastructure
A report on Sandec’s work to develop a reliable cost-estimating tool to
assist sanitation infrastructure decision-making.

Page 22 Genderised WASH in Ugandan and Indian Public Health Care Facilities
An article about a new Sandec research project that is studying how well
WASH infrastructure in health care facilities responds to women’s needs.

Safe Water Promotion
Page 24 Evaluating Sustainable Ceramic Filter Production and Marketing in Nepal
An analysis of the factors that influence the development of successful
ceramic filter production businesses in Nepal.

Water Supply and Treatment
Page 26 Researching Water Quality, Consumer Preferences and Treatment Behaviour
Research on the development and implementation of a household water
treatment strategy in rural Nepal.

Business Innovation
Page 28 Business Model Innovation in the Sanitation Chain
A summary of research on how business model innovation can improve the
financial sustainability of sanitation businesses.

In Brief
Page 30 VUNA Final Report Published
Sandec Invites You to Take This Survey
Forthcoming Event

Page 31 The Sandec Team/ New Faces

Page 32 On the Bookshelf / On the YouTube Channel

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