SSP Journal: July 2015 - topic: Green walls/roofs


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SSP Journal: July 2015 - topic: Green walls/roofs

I am happy to announce that Issue 23 of Sustainable Sanitation Practice (ISSN 2308-5797) on "Green walls/roofs" is available and can be downloaded, free of charge now from

Various aspects are covered in the four papers presented in this issue:
• Fabio Masi and co-workers present case studies from Italy, India and Tanzania,
• Andrea Zraunig et al. present VertECO, a vertical ecosystem for greywater treatment,
• Manfred Radke and Andrea Zraunig report on green walls for humidification of rooms, and
• Ulrike Pintha and Bernhard Scharf summarize the requirements and challenges in the interdisciplinary planning process needed to implement such technologies.

With best regards,
Guenter Langergraber
Editor SSP journal
Dr Guenter Langergraber
Senior Scientist
Institute of Sanitary Engineering
BOKU University
Vienna, Austria

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