nCircle R Usage at the Uttarkhand Flash Flood Relief Response


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nCircle R Usage at the Uttarkhand Flash Flood Relief Response

Dear Susana Members,

nCircle R - Innovations Unlimited's Quickly deployable Sanitation Superstructure was installed by RED R Engineers for creating Emergency Latrines. They found the product extremely useful due to it’s light weight and quick deployability. When used in conjunction with a pre-fabricated slab, it allowed them to install 15 Latrines in one day.

They found the product quite attractive and durable and this fact helped them to motivate the community members to contribute their labour and time to the construction process. Also, after a short demonstration, on how to install the unit, the community members were able to install it themselves. This product according to them is ideal for Emergency responses.

The toilets were installed under the ACC Cement's Uttarakhand Flash Flood Relief Response. Pfa some of the on-site pictures of the product installed.

Warm Regards
Shweta Bais
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