A-Aqua's Vacuum Toilet System Demonstration


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Re: A-Aqua's Vacuum Toilet System Demonstration

Thanks for posting this... seems like an excellent solution for small NGO staff camps for quick deployment after emergencies. I actually had a quite similar system in mind after lacking a proper solution in the camp I helped operating in Pakistan.
It strikes me as a bit strange now... as the camp was after all operated by Scandinavians including quite a few Norwegians ;)

Do you also have plans for a treatment/hygienisation system?
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A-Aqua's Vacuum Toilet System Demonstration


We A-Aqua have been working on sanitation solutions and have now received a grant from the Norwegian Government to develop sludge treatment technologies. We will be doing this in cooperation with the Norwegian and Swedish Red Cross Societies.

Before we are ready to present a solution on sludge treatment, we already have a toilet solution for areas where digging is not easy or where there is a lack of space. This is based around our vacuum system, that has already been deployed to Haiti and is utilised by the Norwegian and Canadian Red Cross Societies.

We will be demonstrating this equipment in Geneva next week on Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th.

Please find the invitation at the following link: http://us6.campaign-archive2.com/?u=9651099f66&id=2723323369&e=46da9ff2d4

Please contact me if you would like more information...

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