Shallow Sewer System with Grinder Pumps - analysis of the pumps


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Shallow Sewer System with Grinder Pumps - analysis of the pumps

reference: Shallow Sewer System with Grinder Pumps, with particular emphasis on analysis of the pumps

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of shallow sewers made possible with grinder pumps, with EMPHASIS ON THE PUMPS

Particular emphasis on

1) the operation and maintenance requirements of the pumps
  a) specific common parts that must be replaced
   b) specific servicing that is required

2) The typical life of a grinder pump, before replacement

3) The costs of
   a) the parts and servicing
   b) the initial material cost of the grinder pumps
   c) the cost of the replacement of the pumps

4) The length of time (years) used by Users or Communities

5) Where users and communities satisfied with them?

6) Would they recommend them to individuals or communities with low income?

7) Would the recommend them to individuals or communities with poor access to skilled labor?

8) Do they feel that they were low? , medium or high maintenance facilities?

9) Who recommended the grinder pump based sewer systems?

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