Capacity Development - Advanced Training Modules on Wastewater and FSSM


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Capacity Development - Advanced Training Modules on Wastewater and FSSM

Congratulations  #TMRC NFSSM Alliance #SCBP  Team and  Ecosan Services Foundation, India  for putting out these brilliant original set of well conceived, revised and updated, Advanced Urban Sanitation Capacity Development training modules.

Revised and Updated set of Advanced Urban Sanitation Modules released February 2022
Each advanced module is in 3 parts - presentation, learning notes and exercise workbook. Hence forms a valuable resource.

A. The Integrated Wastewater and Septage Management Module is an excellent module for addressing waste water treatment and is aligned with SBM 2.0 mandate of I&D system funding.

B. The FSSM Planning Module and the FSSM Design Module, equip the learners with a city and state wide urban sanitation planning and design skills. So that a state sanitation perspective and planning is possible. Something that Urban Planners will value, since very little is developed with this stakeholder in mind.

C. The Co Treatment of Septage with Sewage Module will be valued by ADB, World Bank and practitioners - for the timely guidance on the design and practice/O&M considerations. For relying on data sets from Indian context and not just US and European norms.

D. Gamification physical model game for understanding decentralised sanitation systems for 4 different typology of cities. This is an original learning tool that has not been developed anywhere in the world yet.

These modules are open access training content, that will serve the WASH sector not only in India but also Africa and South Asia for many many years to come.

When we started this program in 2016, it was beyond us to develop advanced urban sanitation capacity development learning content. Sheer persistence, hard work, a strategy to meet the priority learning needs of the urban sanitation sector(government), and partnership with a technical expert agency that was willing to partner with us(ESF) : has resulted in the development and updated revision of these Urban Sanitation advanced training modules in the Covid times.
Depinder Kapur is Director Water Programme at Centre for Science and Environment. He has taight at Shiv Nadar University and has lead the Sanitation Capacity Building Platform(SCBP) of National Institute of Urban Affairs. His professional engagements have been with AKRSP(Program Officer Forestry), SPWD(Sr. Program Officer), CARE(Director NRM), Oxfam(Program & Advocacy Director), WaterAid India(Country Head) and WSSCC(National Coordinator) and as an independent consultant.

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