Twelve ways have been listed for promotion of wastewater reuse


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Lack of knowledge about wastewater. And where did the quotation come from that 90% of the world’s wastewater goes untreated?

Wastewater Reuse

A recent post of Katherine Purvis in The Guardian ( is interesting.

Twelve ways have been listed for promotion of wastewater reuse. These are:

Highlight success stories
Tackle cultural stigma
Talk money
Use good PR
Link to national priorities
Highlight public health risks
Make investment viable
Partner up
Be politically active
Get the media on side
Work with religious leaders
Use tech well

I think much depends on the initiatives of the department that handles wastewater treatment. For example, if the municipal departments favor centralized wastewater treatment, it would be difficult to reuse the treated wastewater.

Adequate wastewater treatment (secondary-level treatment, in most cases) is required. The municipal departments in poor developing countries are, also, unaware of the quality of treated wastewater that can be reused.

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