Decentralized greywater to drinking quality water for total recycle


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Decentralized greywater to drinking quality water for total recycle


I just found this forum while searching in Costa Rican water and wastewater issues and would like to add some my own personal history and philosophies.

I believe that a good business foundation needs a logical and proven sustainable technology in order to even begin to create a successful model.

For over 45 years I have developed a decentralized blackwater (composting) large treatment tank and a grey water aerobic treatment system and a grey water filtration, ozone disinfection and reverse osmosis recycling system capable of recovering 95% of the grey water into potable drinking quality water without the yuck factor. Utilizing ultra-ultra low flushing toilets and recycling the grey water has reduced the need for water by 97% and wastewater pollution to the environment by 100%.

Entire systems are installed in a buried or above ground 8' x 8' x 20' container next to the residence or business and monitored via the internet.

Rates of usage are calculated upon total amount of water utilized, treated and recycled. Financing with home improvement loans based upon a maintenance and monitoring contract.

With the monitoring via the internet all security and any other business services can be provided and will expand the market base based upon WATER.

Please Google, AlasCan and Equaris Corporation and WCCO News Project Energy Equaris Corporation, Afton, MN.

Thank you,


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