Performance of NGOs - story on improper conduct of an international NGO in Haiti

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Performance of NGOs

Performance of NGOs

The NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Pakistan work in sanitation, in addition to other fields. The second-tier NGOs mostly work in rural and peri-urban areas.

Barring very few, who work properly, there has been complaints of embezzlement of funds. The funds, meant for development work, were instead pocketed, or spent on items of personal use.

There are some reputed international NGOs (like the WaterAid), who are working hard, deliver results, and also produce useful projects’ documents. WaterAid works in many fields, including water and sanitation. Their work is commendable.

Talking of international NGOs, The Times of UK, today, carry a story on improper conduct of an international NGO in Haiti. See the details here:

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